From garbage to gourmet - quality food as garbage.

Saturday the 2nd of September at 12.15pm to 1pm Tangkrogen, Aarhus
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The intention is to decrease food waste in private homes. We want the government, EU and UN to create goals for less food waste. The revolution of food waste are no longer for the saved and saints.

But what kind of gold is hiding at the buttom of the garbage can? Its true that it is the best food there is thrown out in the supermarkets? Is it possible to live only by food from trash cans? 

To dumpster dive is still a big taboo in Denmark. Come and meet Winnie Gade, who has lived of dumpster diving in over 3 years. The talk is creating a debate, where you get a good opportunity to ask questions, get answers and talk about the subjects with others, who is engaged in food waste, sustainability and reuse.